Hello from East Putney


Happy New Year!  And holy cannoli has it been a cold one so far.  Neither the chickens nor the guineas have been venturing far from their coops (though the weather hasn’t slowed the egg production in our hardy hens.)  For that matter, we humans haven’t been spending much time out of doors either.  Definitely indoor project weather, though we did have a snap of milder weather that allowed our friend to come prune our young orchard earlier this month.  (Thanks Gay!)  The poor peach trees in particular took a beating this past summer when they set so many fruit that branches were broken from the weight of the peaches.  They should all be happier this year now that they’ve had such excellent “haircuts.”  We should all be so lucky!


After much time spent comparing the offerings of the many seed catalogs we received (somehow the number grows every year), the seeds are ordered and mostly delivered. The seeding greenhouse is ready to start planting tomorrow.  Celery, celeriac, onions, shallots, and leeks, as well as a few herbs, the artichokes, and for the first time here at the Lost Barn Farm, cardoons will all be started anew this week.



I get every bit as excited about seed catalogs as an adult as I used to get about the toy section of my grandmothers old department store catalogs as a child.  While I can’t get everything in them that looks good, I can at least get some of the wondrous things, which makes the seed catalogs much better than grandma’s “wishbooks” that never yielded any actual toys.  Seed catalogs are really books full of possibilities.  What new adventures will be realized in the fields this year because of them? Stay tuned to find out more updates on the comings and goings, and a few meanderings from here on the farm.

Stay warm, Marisa