Adventures in Farming (written June 7, 2015)

Here we are at our first CSA share of the season.  And just in time too, as I just ate my first handful of strawberries this year.  Though I had to pick them wet this morning, I don't imagine they'll last long enough in the hands of our CSA members for them to have to worry about the shortened shelf life of wet berries.  Less than ideal weather for picking, but oh they do taste good.

Speaking of weather, it's been a bit of a challenging spring with lots of temperature spikes and virtually no rain for he month of May.  We seem to be basically on schedule with our planting, and although nothing much actually grew last month, the good news is the weeds are behind schedule too.  Luckily our friend Megan was here last week, and although it was her vacation she weeded most of the onions.  Thanks Megan!

It's been a good year for visitors.  My sister and her family have been here on and off for the last 2 months, including my nephew.  At not quite one year old, he is not yet convinced that dirt is something he wants his feet to experience.  Not so helpful in the field, but he doesn't seem to mind the farmers market.

We're very excited to have had bees on the farm for the last month.  They've been working like crazy, drawing out the comb on the foundation in a second hive body.  They're almost ready for a super, which means we may get some honey from them this season. 

CSA week 1:

Full shares - rhubarb, strawberries, scallions, radishes or turnips, braising mix, red and green lettuce, spinach with a few chive blossoms tossed on top (pictured above)

Half shares - rhubarb, strawberries, scallions, green lettuce, spinach with a few chive blossoms