Where did January go?

I blinked and it was gone.  And so was the balance of my checking account...!  January is a spend-heavy month here on the farm.  So far I've ordered: seeds, strawberry plants, seed potatoes, parts for my seeder, seedling trays and feed for the chickens.  Still to be decided: what type of chicks to order, where to get another hive of bees, how many sweet potato slips to buy, which cover crop seeds to buy, and whether I can afford any new-to-me cultivation equipment...or anything else until the markets are going again in June, and I have regular sales income!

(Insert shameless CSA sales pitch:) Which is why it's a great time of year for y'all to commit to a CSA plan.  Not only does it help farmers with the planning at this time of year (seed orders, planting calendars etc), but it also provides income at an otherwise slow sales time of year.  And, if you as the consumer start paying for your share now, you can be all paid up by the time you start receiving produce.  Win-win. 

(Insert shameless plug for our delicious organic grain fed chicken eggs:) We also have a fridge full of eggs-$5/doz- if anyone is in need.  The girls are starting to increase production as the days slowly gain in daylight hours.  Start a weekly egg share, or just contact us as you need them, and if we have them, they're yours.

That being said, as much as the winter is a low-cash-flow time, it is also a high-idea-flow time.  It's the time of year I can slow down, recharge, and get excited about a new growing season.  Everything seems possible when there's time to sit by the fire and plan, and recover from the brain-burnout of the growing season.  I essentially get a "Do-over" every year.  When that first box of seeds I ordered shows up, it's a clean slate (more or less...).  Here's hoping for a kick ass 2017!